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Our products are made not only to last, but to gain in beauty and value in time. The features of our production are:

  • Unique original models
  • Realization on request also from photographs and drawings
  • High ornamental value for interior and exterior decoration
  • Inside art atelier
  • Detail-sensitive design of patterns and decors
  • Extreme care in the realization of each item
  • Use of the most sophisticated, exclusively manual techniques
  • Use of Terraforte®, the best clay
  • Most accurate, strong but gradual bakings to vitrification level
  • Our certitude of the exceptional quality of our products is borne out by the
  • 20-years guarantee against damage from normal atmospheric agents offered with the certificate accompanyng each item.

Long since we have added to the natural “terracotta” production the coloured mixtures’ one. It’s not just an external colouring of our artefacts, but a manufacturing process in which a wise alchemy of clay and coloured pigments creates a blend that meets the same quality standards of the natural terracotta.