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When we speak about our work, we would really prefer our products to speak for themselves. However, no matter how ‘alive’ the materials we work with are and no matter how much they draw life from the whole productive cycle, they still cannot really tell us their story, the story of how these materials are converted through liquid and solid phases to eventually become carefully prepared mixtures. Thus, within our structures, dust, rock and water are transformed into soft clay that, by means of fire, “petrifies” the new shape into soft tonalities of natural colours; and the hard and cold metal of the “bullion” melts in its casting to then solidify into the shape that best expresses the beauty of the metal itself.

Beauty is a concept that we are sensitive to and it is precisely considering the beauty of the materials that their future use is decided.

Beauty is also Harmony, and it is, in fact, by harmoniously combining lines and materials that the valuable artistic qualities of these crafts’ products are achieved.

Everyone, all over the world, recognizes the elegance and quality of Bronze: and even those less expert in the subject probably are aware that this metal must be melted so as to take on the desired shape. But it is also undoubtedly difficult to see the beauty which we are speaking of in a mere handful of earth, dust, rock and stone. It is at this point that knowledge gained through experience of communication and preservation, sometimes over the years, sometimes over the centuries, becomes important. You can then fall in love with a shade of colour of a grey-green clay vein just by looking at it while still in the quarry; you are able to imagine it, crumbled and mixed with a slightly greasier and yellower kind of earth; and the water will be regulated so that the mixture will take on the right consistency necessary to be worked on. When you observe any raw material, you automatically think of all the manual work that will be needed, to the shape it will be moulded in, and to all the time and tiring days of hard work that will go into the satisfaction that, at the end, the work will give you. This is how we work at Francesco Del Re, with enthusiasm and with even too much doggedness and obstinacy, right from the very beginning and right up to the end of the production process. This is how we can give the objects and whoever will use them, the pleasure of a piece of furnishing which respects the environment and those who live in it; an Italian product, guaranteed for at least twenty years, but which, in the long run, is only a harmonious metamorphosis of Nature.